Global Reach:

From the Americas to Asia and continents around the world, N.S.I.A. delivers intelligence-led solutions designed to meet our clients' security objectives.

Risk Intelligence

NSIA fuses human and data sources to bring together sophisticated solutions to analyze and visualize complex intelligence that enables our clients to make better informed decisions. Government, Militaries and Corporations today leverage the wealth of actionable intelligence being collected to create powerful new ways to perform.

Cyber Intelligence

NSIA provides multi-faceted, multi-source, cyber intelligence developed by intelligence specialists with exceptional experience and who come from the global intelligence community. All are proven experts in intelligence and information collection, processing and dissemination.

Global Investigations

License: CAPI#24819
NSIA conducts specialized international research and investigations and carries out assignments in some of the world's most challenging operating environments. NSIA has managed and conducted hundreds of customized, foreign research studies for both government and commercial clients.